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Typen: Auto-lautsprecher, heim Audio, kopfhörer, soundbars, lautsprecher. The jbl project everest DD65000 uses high-quality components including air-core inductors, polypropylene foil capacitors, wire-wound and metal oxide resistors used in multiples to prevent value shift during high-power operation. Gratis Versand lifetime support! The use of the new cone material and surround results in lower distortion in the woofers higher operating range and a lower 18Hz fundamental resonance for greater bass extension. Each of the dd67000 Project everest speakers integrate two 1501AL-2 cast aluminum woofers, which deliver neutral bass down to 32 hz, an incredible feat considering that most standard subwoofers cant even reproduce this frequency, to say nothing of the accuracy of even most high end. The S1s-ex woofers respond flat down to 30hz, and the system together has been rumored to simulate frequencies as low as 5hz, easily capable of simulating earthquake-like physical reverberations at high volumes. Improved manufacturing processes have enabled the driver to provide nearly 5dB more output above 30kHz. The dd65000 incorporates a number of newly developed drivers and technologies. It uses the same high-purity magnesium alloy foil material found in the 476Mg. The network is housed on four separate circuit boards, one for each using transducer, which optimizes each board for each driver and its corresponding frequency range. The dd65000 combines newly developed driver technologies and refinements to deliver extraordinary musical realism, and has a distinctively elegant visual appeal that blends classic and contemporary design elements. The everest produces positively soaring high frequencies, remaining totally free of distortion that would be audible to the human ear, even at the limit of our hearing, 20,000hz, the highest of high frequencies. The crossover network uses a dc bias system that keeps the capacitors operating in Class A mode. Jbl : Synthesis, project, everest, dD 67000 Rosewood great images

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The dd65000 has front-mounted control panels which can tailor the speaker for optimum performance in any system and room. The jbl project everest DD65000 loudspeaker will be available in February 2013 at a suggested retail price of 60,000/pr. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. Incidentally, if this isn't rich enough for you, then the flagship jbl project everest DD67000 loudspeaker will be available in February 2013 at a suggested retail price of 75,000/pair. Inappropriate, you have already flagged this document. If you didn't just lomer spill your drink when you read that, then you might just be in the target market for this speaker. At ces 2013 Harmans jbl announced it is broadening its top-of-the-line Project everest loudspeaker range with the introduction of its DD65000 ultrahigh-end floorstanding speaker. Jbl synthesis Project everest dd 67000 Rosewood brand new!

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Everest dd 67000 - jbl synthesis. Jbl synthesis everest dd 67000 review. Project everest dd 67000 - jbl read more about industries, everest, frequency, harman, cone and assignment diaphragm. Everest hi-fi choice Article - jbl synthesis.

Add to mybests, ranked: see full list, next pick. In terms of looks, the dd65000 is a throwback to days gone by, with a large, squarish veneered cabinet. It employs two newly developed 1501AL-1 cast-aluminum-frame woofers with a new paper pulp-matrix woofer material augmented by a rear-applied AquaPlas coating, a combination that preserves sonic neutrality while damping unwanted cone resonances for controlled, articulate bass response. The controls allow fine-tuning of low-frequency and high-frequency level and other characteristics. Overall, Project everest gives what is perhaps the closest home theater experience to really being there: they are known by audiophiles to have, more than any other high-end system, that certain je ne se quoi that just makes you feel like you are right there. This contributes to Project everests absolutely stunning realism, revealing the most minute of details in the finest recordings of any kind and remaining absolutely transparent and grain-free no matter what volume they are pushed too. The low density of the magnesium alloy combined with the high stiffness and tuning of the surrounds design yields a transducer that provides exceptional resolution, transient response and detailed, natural midrange and treble reproduction.

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Product Name: Project everest dd 6500 loudspeaker. Review Date: January 10, 2013 20:00. The jbl project everest DD65000 loudspeaker will be available in February 2013 at a suggested retail price of 60,000/pr. Project everest was initiated in an attempt to produce nothing short of the worlds finest home theater system, and many would say that jbl has succeeded. Audiophile news music review. This entry was posted in Equipment and tagged jbl / Altec.

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Read online or download pdf page 6 / 26 jbl synthesis everest dd 67000 User Manual jbl synthesis Acoustics. This built-in acoustics concept was present in the Project everest dd 66000 and has now been further refined in the dd6500. Project everest dd 65000 dd 67000 Product Commentaries and User guide Thank you for purchasing a jbl project everest loudspeaker system. 12 jbl k2 S9800 Despite its 21st century power and sophistication, Project everest dd 66000 was a synthesis of tradition and technology.

Com, offizieller, jbl, online-Shop. The dd65000 features curved and angled surfaces as found in the dd67000 and a contoured horizontal midrange horn that is surrounded by the elegant dark gray zebrawood. Entdecke unser Angebot an generalüberholten Produkten mit Pure sound zum Sonderp. Expert review, project everest was initiated in an attempt to produce nothing short of the worlds finest home theater system, planning and many would say that jbl has succeeded. The 476Mg midrange/high-frequency compression driver utilizes a 4-inch high-purity magnesium alloy foil diaphragm that is formed as an integral one-piece diamond-embossed surround and dome. This is done to ensure sonic consistency between the midrange/high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency drivers.

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